These were two seperate emails sent to us by a teenage girl in Winnipeg, MB.  These emails have not been edited (except for spelling and the omission of her name) and are used by permission.

Hey Dave, just checking in and how are things going for you??.. I've been discussing with my mom about the back up band:) I'll give you the info as soon as I find things out okie dokie?  Well I JUST started guitar lessons, its pretty good, and yeah I'm sticking with it.  I also wanted to ask for some advice, if you don't mind. I dunno, I was hanging out with some of my buds and we were walking to one of their houses and one of them pulls out some vodka, and they started drinking it!  Well I didn't drink it, but I have to admit it though, sadly it can be tempting, but still I wasn't gonna and I didnt!  What am I supposed to do in those situations?? Do I just stand there, do I tell someone, do I walk away!?!  Like some of these people are some of my best friends...somtimes I just think of myself being a screw up, but I have to say you are one of the people that has helped out a lot.. Thanks!
Keep following God:)

Hey, sorry for so many emails, I TOTALLY FORGOT to tell you somthing... you know my friend you prayed for awhile ago?  Well she's totally clean now, she has so much more faith in God and she hasn't touched alcohol or smoked since school started, and now she never gives in - like when people ask her if she wants to drink.  I'm so happy for her!!  I just thought you wanted to know because that prayer that you said meant A LOT. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, for EVERYTHING you've ever done for everyone, and I also forgot to say that at the Franklin Graham thing a while ago, that same girl and I cried cuz it touched our heart so much,  And it was amazing how she was worshipping. Like I love worship and as soon as "Blessed Be Your Name" was being played, man she totally just grew confidence and she joined me in worshipping, it was soooooo amazing:).  Well lol, I guess I typed enough.  But do you realize that your songs, your messages, and your advice, bring a lot of hope in people's lives?  And I bet it can be really hard, but keep following God:) 

This was an email sent to us by a teenage girl in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.  David took part in and performed for their youth group earlier that same evening.  This email has not been edited (except for the omission of her name) and is used by permission.

Dear David, 

I just wanted to let you know that the song "Dancing With The Son" (I think that is what it is called) the one you wrote about Levi and your grandma was powerful, it really touched me and alot of other people too. It reminded me that even though Levi is gone from us he is in such a better place and we can only look forward to meeting him with Christ one day. I love all your songs and your music, it honestly makes my soul at peace that is why i listen to it before bed, God has used your music so much in my life over the past two months, the first time I heard you play was the last time Levi was at club. Your music is a memory or link for me of the last day I saw Levi alive and how truely great life can be what with all I have been blessed with, friends, family, Young Life, Virgel and his wife and the kids. And your song "I Pray" really means a lot to me, tonight as soon as you started playing I began to cry and at first I was confused as to why I was crying. then I realized I felt so comforted in knowing that other people go through struggles with their faith and that there is hope if we go to God he will hear our prayers.

Since the accident I really haven't done much praying and tonight while you were praying that song I really feel that the Holy Spirit used you to remind me that I have to get my life back on track. You might not know it but you are very instrumental in all our lives, all of us as far as I know see your music as something comforting and real in the confusing wirlwind of high school what with all the questions, confusion, drama and heart ache and heart break, it brings the focus back to Christ, which is where each of us should have been focused the whole time.

I just wanted to thank you again for all that you do and I pray God's blessing be upon you in all that you do and that he will continue to use you for His glory!

God Bless

Your Friend and Loyal Fan in Christ, 

_____  _________