Endorsements (so far, the list is growing!!)

I am so glad that the Lord brought me together with David Bracken. I've done a festival in Valemont BC with him for the last few years, and I've gotten to spend some time with this quality young man.
What strikes me most is that David is committed to ministry. His presentation is humorous and entertaining, but always seriously presents the Gospel and the truth of Jesus Christ. I would totally recommend booking him for your event for a church meeting or for whatever. You will be blessed as I have been. Looking forward to seeing David again in the days to come
~Chuck Girard, Multiple award-winning Christian Recording artist, and Christian rock 'n roll pioneer

Since I have known David, his passion for music and spreading the Gospel through song and worship just keeps getting better and stronger.  As a musician, songwriter, producer, and recording artist, I have known many in the industry; and can honestly say, knowing David has been one of those blessings you receive from God that touches your heart and encourages your faith.  His words and passion comes with a message of hope for those who believe in Christ and an urgency for those who do not; to make that personal choice to accept Christ.  I believe him to be a man of integrity which I found can be rare in the Christian music industry.  I would trust him with any congregation of any generation I was a part of.  Have him come be a part of yours; I believe God will bless you beyond your expectations.
~Ross Cashman, Award-winning Producer, Gospel Musician, and Pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Melfort, SK

David Bracken is the Canadian troubadour singing for the King of Kings!
~Dr. Jeff Lutes, Pres. Harvesters Radio

David, such a gem for His kingdom!! We so enjoyed our time in Valemount B.C. with you.
You radiate His love as you minister. I am excited to see what the Lord has planned for you next... God Bless you as you continue to grow and step forward in His name....
~Wanda Lee and Doug Rue, International Gospel Recording Artist

Possibly one of the best evenings I have ever been to. You are a very gifted singer, writer, messenger, artist and, I can honestly say, a very wonderful, Godly man. Our prayer is that more can see you in person and enjoy the gift that God has given you. May God bless you richly and thank you for an incredible evening.
~Pastor Todd MacDonald, Main Avenue Fellowship Church, Sundre, AB and Leadership in Nazarene Church of Canada

You blessed us and you especially blessed my heart. Thank you for serving Jesus in the way that he has called you. Take care and God bless you and your family with his presence and power in greater ways and in new ways.
~Pastor Tony Pasolli, Redwater Alliance Church, Redwater, AB



Here's what some of the fans are saying about David Bracken Ministries...

“I was just going through some old CDs and found Journey to Eternity. I was listening to it and was blessed. You came to my church years ago and did a concert for us. You have a great voice and write good songs. God bless you.
-Dan, Clear Lake, Wisconsin

“I just wanted to say thank you for coming down to a very small town, Port Hardy. Today you came to our church and preformed.  Your performance touched a lot of people including a lady named Misty, who just lost her husband it was nice to see how happy she was today. Thank you for being you and keep doing what you do!”
-Keisha, Port Hardy, BC

"Loved the evening , so glad I went.  It was obvious David's love for the Lord shone through. His presentation was genuine, friendly and funny.
Hope he returns!!"
-Anonymous report from squareup.com, North Battleford, Saskatchewan
"You are an amazing, talented singer and songwriter! I love all the songs that you sing!  And I also love that you have a heart for our youth. I have 2 teenage sons and our youth need someone like yourself to get the message out there! God bless you!"
-Cindy, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"You are amazing and talented. I continue to listen to your cd and I cannot wait for the new one!  God Bless!... Don't ever stop performing"
-Katherine, Sutton, Ontario

"It's so awesome to hear people's stories, what a blessing from God!"
-Samantha, Brandon, Manitoba 

"Just wanted to say I heard your song on a u-tube video... I thought it was very good... wonderful tune!"
-Kim, Sandford, Ontario

"Your music is awesome!  I listen to your CD every day"
-Matthew, Neepawa, Manitoba

"Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us!!  You certainly can hear your passion to serve the Lord"
-Jamie, Eagan, Minnesota

"I listen to your CD all the time, I love it!"
-Tazia, Grande Prairie, AB

"I love the WHOLE C.D...don't make me pick a favorite...It is making a world of difference in my fitness workouts...Spirit power...wow!!"
-Susan, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I bought the CD and have been listening ... what a TREAT! I'm now officially a David Bracken fan!"
-Guy, Flin Flon, Manitoba

"Your music is so cool!"
-Cheri, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"That song you wrote hit my heart so hard. To see your love for Christ pour out through your music is incredible!... God has given you a gift and you use it well bro!  Bless you!"
-Gord, Selkirk, Manitoba

"I totally still listen to your music... you are such a talented musician! Keep up the awesome work!"
-Katherine, Bradford, Ontario

"Just gotta say I like your music and heart."
-Jeffrey, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"Your music is so great. As soon as I got home I listened to it twice. It is my new favourite CD!"
-Stephanie, Winkler, Manitoba

"Your songs really spoke to me!"
-Taylor, Winkler, Manitoba

"I decided to check out your music and its pretty cool!"
-Cassie, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I just wanted to say that you have an amazing voice"
-Kaila, Edmonton, Alberta

"We listen all the time to your songs... Your ministry has a big impact on a lot of lives."
-Elaine & John, Austin, Texas

"I've been struggling with something and your song really helped. THANK YOU and God Bless."
-Michael, Montreal, Quebec

"Your music is encouraging and I constantly am reminded of 'I Pray' while I'm praying. May God continue to work through you - Glory to God."
-Tyler, Virden, Manitoba

"I listen to your CD before I go to work everyday, your music is very uplifting and now that I know the words I can sing my praises to God also."
-J & D Fraser, Tofield, Alberta

"We listen to your CD every day. You are amazing with such talent for prayer and singing."
-Judie, Niagara Falls, Ontario

"What a wonderful talent to be able to proclaim the Gospel of Christ through song. Your CD is excellent!!!!"
-Pauline, Grimsby, Ontario

"Just have to say I love your music!"
-Jimmy, Dallas, Texas

"Loved your songs... I try to play them every time I can, thank you so very much!...  We all like your music!"
-Gaynelle, Oregon

"Your music is so amazing and inspiring!"
-Brianna, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

"I'm still listning to that CD I got off you, it rocks. Just want to let you know that I got your back. Hope to see you soon and hear some more great music."
-Marc, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"You do great work for the Lord and truly inspired me with your words and lyrics."
-Tammy, Niagara Falls, Ontario

"I have just listened to your CD, and it is awesome!"
-Laura, Edmonton, Alberta

"Just wanted to thank you again.  I really love your songs, they really got to me. So I thank you for that."
-Aly, Thorhild, Alberta

"Your music has a real blessing upon it and it flows like a river through you! You bless the lives of the people around you."
-Kayla, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

"Before I got your CD I was all hyped about getting the new Billy Talent 2 CD but now I'm like Billy Talent WHO?!?!!? All I care about is listening to your CD.  I wake up to it and I fall asleep to it."
-Brittany, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I really love your new solo CD.  Journey To Eternity led my son through some tough times when he was in ON this summer."
-Lila, Elm Creek, Manitoba

"I'm absolutely in love with your CD.  My favourite song is 'Eternity'.  It's awesome!"
-Maddi, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Wow, I can't stop listening to your CD!  It's so awesome!!  When I'm in my room, I sing to it."
-Carol (PB), Brokenhead Reserve, Manitoba

"Dave, your CD is so awesome.  My whole family can't stop listening to it.  It really means a lot"
-Allison, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"You are the best singer ever, I can't stop listening to your CD"
-Kierra, Pierson, Manitoba

"Awesome!! Blows all your previous work(s) away. Get your copy ASAP!!" 
-David G., Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I started my day with your CD, thanks for giving us the message that it is Everyday that we get to live this 'Journey to Eternity'...keep up the good work."
-Linda, Newton, Manitoba

"I listened to your song and it's super good Dave... That's awesome!  And keep singing!!!!"
Ashley T., Ile des Chenes, Manitoba

"Your music is awesome!!"
-Cole, Morris, Manitoba

"I listened to your CD, its awesome. My favorite song is Eternity. It makes a lot of sense... ever since I got home I have only been listening to your CD. I love your music."
-Pam, Pierson, Manitoba

"Your two songs that you have for download have been the only two songs I've been listening to. They have inspired me.  You have quite the voice Dave."
-Dylan, Winnipeg, Manitoba

More to come...