Lately, in concerts, I have been encouraging those in attendance to be careful what they listen to. And most times I get asked what the big deal is. I've been listening to a lot of different types of music, and really it makes me kind of sad. I've been hearing the lyrics to many of these so called "rock stars" and frankly, I just feel sorry for them. Think about it, from what I hear, among all their many problems, these guys don't know any nice girls. All they can sing about is either how horrible these girls are to them, or how trampy the girls can be. And the saddest part of all of this is that the people who are barraged with this on a daily basis often times will sing along with these very sad, and almost pathetic songs. Most times people will just say "I like the beat" or "the tune is catchy, but I don't listen to the words" yet they know every word by heart, and sing them. Once something is committed to memory, it is in your heart. The trouble with this is that young kids are subjected to these songs too. They're going to listen to them on the radio and hear people sing along with them and think that everything that is happening in these songs is normal. Boys are going to grow up thinking that all girls are going to be as they are portrayed in these songs, and girls will be because they want to be "cool and beautiful", like the songs are supposedly saying. All I'm getting at here is, be careful what you listen to. Why? Because the words in some of these songs affect you and those around you more than you know. Please be careful. What do you want in YOUR heart?

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