Who Says?

I've got something that's weighing heavily on my heart. In the last week, I've heard news of two different girls who attempted to take their own lives - one succeeded. Has the world lost it's hope? Are things so destitute that we feel the only way is to turn the lights out? Maybe no one has told these people that there is One Hope - that we are loved by the Creator of the Universe. I just recently wrote a song called, "Who Says?". In this song, the question is asked: "Who says you're beautiful? Who says you're valuable? Who tells you it all will be alright? So how would you know?" Let me reassure you. God made each and every one of us special. We're all beautiful in His eyes. We're all worth something! If no one has ever told you that, let it be known to you right now that you are special, and God loves you so much!