"See what happens when you work?!" The trouble is in my line of work there will be times where I go a month without actually sitting at my desk and putting in the work. With international gigs, travel does not permit me much time to sit and focus on the task at hand. Because of this, concerts do not come as easily as I would like them to, or even expect them to. Sometimes I even get a little worried when I don't see a full tour schedule in front of me, but God and I have a little running joke going on between us. When I finally get the chance to sit down and put some time in, God is there. It never fails that when I sit down at my computer and begin making calls and sending emails regarding future concerts, it really doesn't take long before I get a confirmation or two. Then God pipes up and out comes the ever familiar line, "See what happens when you work?!" It makes me smile. Because at times I think I should be getting something for nothing. That's not how this life works. Seldom do things come for free. My encouragement to you (and myself as well) is do the work, use your time, and make things happen. I truly believe you will find that if you put in the effort, at the end of the day you will have so much to show for it. See what happens when you work.

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