Good things are happening, and it's all very encouraging.  I just want to thank everyone who has been coming to my site.  I've been seeing the site traffic and noticed that I have people logging in from all over the world.  Drop me a line and let me know where you're from.  I'd love to hear from you!
Today I want to encourage everyone to say a prayer.
Think of your best friend... what makes this person your best friend?  What do you do with them, do you talk with them?  If you never talked with your best friend, would you still be friends?  God wants to be your friend.  He wants that relationship with you.  But if you don't communicate with Him, how can you expect to be His friend?  Tonight, as you go to sleep, say a prayer. It doesn't matter how technical it is.  It doesn't matter how many thees and thous are in it (if any).  Just talk to God like you would a friend.  Even if for a minute, or less.  Just let Him know that you're there, and that you appreciate the earth He created for you.

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