Lights, Thunder, Action!

It's 5:30 in the morning while I'm writing this, why am I up? I just witnessed the most amazing light show I've seen in my lifetime. The thunder was so loud, that I could feel it. The lightning was so bright that it made me squint, and at times I simply had to close my eyes from the brightness. The water coming off the side of my house sounded like a flowing river. Where most times I would just see these things as an annoyance disrupting my sleep - this time I stopped, looked, and listened. If Leonardo Da Vinci set up an eisel on my porch, or if Mozart set up his orchestra in my basement, would I be sleeping? Here is one of God's amazing works in my back yard, and I was in bed?! So that's why it's 5:30 in the morning and I'm writing this, the storm has moved on now, but I didn't want to let the beauty of one of God's great works pass me by. It may not come to you early in the morning, it might be at work or at school, or while your on your way to have supper or to a practice. God's works are everywhere, I think we just need to stop, look, and appreciate.

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