Let it go

On my way to the airport yesterday, I witnessed something that I thought to be pretty ridiculous. At a gas station in Los Angeles there was a man waiting for a gas pump. As soon as that pump cleared, another man pulled in - before the man who was waiting could get to the pump. The first man flew out of his car in a rage, threw the second man's car door open and started screaming at him about how long he had been waiting for that pump. The second man tried to reason with the first man by saying that he would only be a couple minutes if the first man would leave him alone. The first man screamed some more, slammed the car door in the second man's face, and just stood there. Not moving, not going back to his car, not letting the second man fill his vehicle, he just stood there preventing the second man from leaving his car. I filled my car, paid, and when I left they were still arguing over this pump. In the time it took them to argue back and forth about this gas pump, both of them could have gassed up and left. Pretty ridiculous, eh? And yet, all too familiar. Sometimes in the church, fighting over the trivial things keeps us from filling up and moving on to do God's work. What would it really take to just let it go? Not that much... let it go.

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