The world is going crazy!  People's finances are up, then they're down.  People's morals are increasingly in decline.  What one person says is often the opposite of what they do.  In a world of uncertainty, we as followers of God need to be the consistancy that people can depend on. In other words, we need to constantly be praying and asking God to help us to be the shred of consistancy in this wavering world.  In order to salt and light unto this world, we have to remain constant.  I'm the first one to tell you that we can not do this on our own.  We need God.  Simple as that.  This world needs God.  In order for our testimonies to remain in an uncomprimising state, we need to have His unfaltering support.  Reach out.  Take His hand.  Allow Him to lead you and be your guide.  On our own we're all topsy-turvy - but He IS constant!  Grab hold.

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