The other day, at the restaurant where Samantha works there was a grandpa and his grandson. The man's grandson was sulking a little bit. "What's the matter?" he said, "aren't you excited for Christmas?"
"Of course," replied the grandson, "but there's not a lot of presents under the tree for me."
The grandpa smiled and sat back. He looked down at his grandson and asked him, "Do you get presents on your birthday?"
"Sure I do," the grandson returned, "lots of presents!"
"Oh yes, you do. But son, who's birthday is it coming up?" Grandpa asked.
The grandson thought for a minute, "It's Jesus' birthday!"
The Grandpa sat back and stated confidently with a smile, "Well then, if it's not YOUR birthday, why should you be worried about how many presents YOU are getting?"
The grandson understood and his attitude changed.
I don't think I really need to explain this any further... Who's birthday is it? What can we give Him? Start with the time of day to acknowledge and remember Him, it's a good first step.

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