Don't Give Up!

If I could encourage you with one thing this month, let it be this - don't give up! No matter what it may be, don't give up! Some people try out for the team, and don't make it, and get discouraged - don't give up! Some people try something new, like the guitar or piano but just can't seem to get the hang of it - don't give up! Some people have tests and quizzes that they study for, but just don't make the grade - don't give up! Probably the biggest one, some people are interested and want to know more about God, but there is so much negativity out there and it seems to bring people down - don't give up! Don't let what other people say keep you from learning and growing towards God. Let's not allow a busy lifestyle to get in the way either. Draw closer to Him, and don't give up!

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